viernes, julio 11, 2008

-Explosions in the Sky-

Explosions in the Sky es una banda de post-rock formada en Texas, EUA. Sus miembros son Munaf Rayani (guitarra), Mark Smith (guitarra), Michael James (bajo) y Chris Hrasky (batería). Fue formado en Austin, en 1999, labrándose una reputación en locales de poco aforo. La banda fichó por Temporary Residence Limited, quienes los contrataron solamente habiendo escuchado la mitad de su demo.

Rápidamente ganaron reputación por méritos propios entre otras bandas locales como Lift To Experience. Llegaron a los medios de comunicación por su segundo albúm «Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever» debido a los rumores que los vinculaban con los ataques terroristas del 11 de septiembre de 2001, pues este álbum contiene la imagen de un avión y la frase «este avión se estrellará mañana». Erróneamente se cree que el álbum salió el 10 de septiempre de 2001, cuando realmente salió en agosto de ese mismo año y la portada se creó en el año 2000.


How Strange, Innocence- [Temporary Residence Ltd. (2000)]

Track List

1. A Song For Our Fathers
2. Snow And Lights
3. Magic Hours
4. Look Into The Air
5. Glittering Blackness
6. Time Stops
7. Remember Me As A Time Of Day

Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever- [Temporary Residence Ltd. (2001)]

Track List

1. Greet Death
2. Yasmin The Light
3. The Moon Is Down
4. Have You Passed Thru This Night?
5. A Poor Man's Memory
6. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place- [Temporary Residence Ltd. (2003)]

Track List

1. First Breath After Coma
2. The Only Moment We Were Alone
3. Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean
4. Memorial
5. Your Hand In Mine

The Rescue: Travels in Constants 21- [Temporary Residence Ltd. (2005)]

Track List

1. Day One
2. Day Two
3. Day Three
4. Day Four
5. Day Five
6. Day Six
7. Day Seven
8. Day Eight

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone - [Temporary Residence Ltd. (2007)]

Track List

1. The Birth And Death Of The Day
2. Welcome, Ghosts
3. It's Natural To Be Afraid
4. What Do You Go Home To?
5. Catastrophe And The Cure
6. So Long, Lonesome

sábado, julio 05, 2008

-Joan of Arc-

Joan of Arc es una banda de indie rock experimental formada en Chicago, Illinois. Comenzaron en 1995, como producto de la ruptura de la banda Cap’n Jazz.

Joan of Arc son conocidos por su uso de electrónica, samples, y grabaciones multipista en sus canciones - algunas canciones de The Gap contenían más de 100 pistas - aunque más recientemente han estado escribiendo en términos más tradicionales.

Sos letras y tapas de discos son consideradas altamente conceptuales y confusas. Por ejemplo, el álbum Live in Chicago, 1999 no es un álbum en vivo - es una referencia al hecho de que la banda vivió en Chicago en el año 1999.

Los miembros de Joan of Arc estuvieron tambien en varias bandas, incluyendo Cap’n Jazz, Friend/Enemy, American Football, Owls, Ghosts and Vodka, Everyoned, y más recientemente Make Believe.

El cantante Tim Kinsella ha sido el único miembro permanente del grupo; y también ha grabado como solista. Otros miembros de la banda incluyen a: Sam Zurick, Mike Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Bobby Burg, Amy Cargill, Jeremy Boyle, Ben Vida, Cale Parks, Matt Clark, Todd Mattei, etc.


A Portable Model Of- [Jade Tree Records (1997)]

Track List:

01- I Love a Woman (Who Loves Me)
02- The Hands
03- Anne Aviary
04- Let's Wrestle
05- Romulans! Romulans!
06- Post Coitus Rock
07- Count to a Thousand
08- How Wheeling Feels
09- In Pompeii
10- Caliban
11- In Pamplona
12- I Was Born
13- (I love a woman) Who Loves Me

How Memory Works- [Jade Tree Records (1998)]

Track List:

01- Honestly Now
02- Gin & Platonic
03- To've Had Two Of
04- This Life Cumulative
05- A Pale Orange
06- White Out
07- So Open; Hooray
08- A Name
09- Osmosis Doesn't Work
10- God Bless America
11- A Party Able Model Of

Live in Chicago, 1999- [Jade Tree Records (1999)]

Track List:

01- It's Easier To Drink On An Empty Stomach Than To Eat On A Broken Heart
02- Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?
03- If it Feels / Good, do it
04- Live in Chicago, 1999
05- (I'm 5 Senses) none of them Common
06- Me (Plural)
07- I'm certainly not pleased with my options for the future
08- When the Parish School dismisses and the Children running sing
09- Thanks for Chicago, Mr. James
10- (In Fact I'm) Pioneering New Emotions
11- Better De'd Than Read
12- Sympathy for the Rolling Stones
13- All until the Greens reveal themselves at dawn

The Gap- [Jade Tree Records (2000)]

Track List:

01- (You) [I] Can Not See (You) [Me] as (I) [You] (Can)
02- As Black Pants Make Cat Hairs Appear
03- Knife Fights Every Night
04- John Cassavetes, Assat Shakur, And Guy Debord walk into a bar...
05- Another Brick at the Gap (part 2)
06- Zelda
07- Pleasure isn't Simple
08- Me and America (or) The United Colors of the Gap
09- Your Impersonation this Morning of Me Last Night
10- Outside the Gap

How can any thing so little be any more?- [Jade Tree Records (2001)]

Track List:

01- Leaving Needn't Take Long
02- Ne Mosquitoes Pass
03- We Neither Hide Nor Seek
04- Most at Home in Motels
05- My Cause Is Noble and Just
06- My Fight Is Necessary
07- What If We Are Not After All, All Destined for Greatness?
08- I'll Show You, I'll Show You All

So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness- [Jade Tree Records (2003)]

Track List:

01- On a Bedsheet in the Breeze on the Roof
02- The Infinite Blessed Yes
03- Perfect Need and Perfect Completion
04- Olivia Lost
05- Diane Cool and Beautiful
06- Mr. Participation Billy
07- Mean to March
08- Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye
09- Dead Together
10- Madelleine Laughing
11- Staying Alive and Lovelessness

In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust- [Perishable Records (2003)]

Track List:

01- Sing the Scarecrow Song
02- Happy 1984 and 2001
03- Excitement Is Exciting
04- Barge
05- Gang Language
06- Moonlighting
07- Dinosaur Constellations, Pt. 1
08- Them Brainwash Days
09- Dinosaur Constellations, Pt.2
10- No Corporate News Is Good News
11- That Radiant Morning
12- Them Heartache Nights
13- Dinosaur Constellations, Pt.3
14- In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust

Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain...- [Polyvinyl Records Co. (2004)]

Track List:

01- Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
02- Apocalypse Politics
03- The Title Track of This Album
04- Queasy Lynn
05- White and Wrong
06- Onomatopoepic Animal Faces
07- A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
08- 80’s Dance Parties Most of All
09- Deep Rush
10- Gripped By the Lips
11- Fleshy Jeffrey
12- Abigail, Cops and Animals
13- “Still” From Miss Kate’s Texture Dictionary
14- The Details of the Bomb
15- I Trust a Litter of Kittens Still Keeps the Colosseum
16- The Telephones Have Begun Making Calls
17- The Cash In and Price

Eventually, All at Once- [Record Label (2006)]

Track List:

01- Eventually, All At Once...
02- I'm Calling Off All Falls From Grace...
03- Miss Cat Piss and Peppermint...
04- You Can't Change Your Mind...
05- Living Out in the Sea of Umbrellas...
06- Many Times I've Mistaken...
07- The Words Have Cast Their Spells...
08- If All These People Can Understand Money...
09- Scratches a Pencil...
10- Free Will and Testament

The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc- [Polyvinyl Records Co. (2006)]

Track List:

01- Didactic Prom
02- Please Sleep
03- Trial At Orleans
04- Busy Bus, Sunny Sun
05- Stemingway And Heinbeck
06- A Picture Postcard
07- Forensic Economics
08- You (Single)
09- I'm Sorry I Got So Drunk Before My Solo Set In Tokyo
10- My Girlfriend Dumped Me After The Free Trip To Japan
11- Please Don't Mistake My Arrogance For Shyness
12- For A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
13- George, Oh Well (Stand And Clap)
14- For The Skinheads And Hippies
15- You Say Tornaydo And I Say Tornahdo
16- Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny Or Bildeberg Whore Kicks Him Out Of Bed For Snoring (In The Key Of Me)
17- Violencii Or Violencum
18- The Evidence
19- Song For Josh

Boo Human- [Polyvinyl Records Co. (2008)]

Track List:

01- Shown and Told
02- Laughter Reflected Back
03- Just Pack or Unpack
04- 9/11 2
05- A Tell-Tale Penis
06- Everywhere I Go
07- Vine on a Wire
08- Insects Don't Eat Bananas
09- Lying and Cheating Mind
10- If There Was a Time #1
11- The Surrender #1
12- If There Was a Time #2
13- The Surrender #2
14- So-And-So